Jake Youngs | PLLC, RENE, SRS, C2EX, PSA

About Jake;

Hi, I am Jake. I have been in the real estate industry since June 1st, 2020, and absolutely love every bit of it. I had the opportunity to establish my career at the start of the most intensive seller's market in the history of Arizona and the experience I gained as a result of that was priceless. Outside of the real estate realm, I am a photographer, avid aviation enthusiast, and a tech nerd. 

Why I do what I do:

I saw the need that people have to buy and sell Real Estate. However, I did not see Realtors doing their jobs properly. I see Realtors day in and day out, trying to make a sale, and not investing themselves or really any energy into their clients at all. Their clients are nothing more to them than a paycheck.

How I do it differently:

I aim to improve the real estate experience by being more relational. You are more than just a sale or statistic to me. You are a friend for life. I aim to build your real estate experience around a friendship and tailor my involvement and actions around your personal wants and needs. I am by your side working and negotiating for your best interests at all times, not negotiating for my personal gain.

What exactly I do:

I help others buy, sell or rent real estate. Whether it be Residential or Commercial, I exist to do everything in my power to dampen the struggles and stresses of real estate. I work side by side with you and do everything in my power to be as transparent as I can be with you through the whole process.

Why should you work with my Team?

The Real Estate world is a minefield. You need a navigator who won't back down or run away from a problem. 

- We are committed to walking you through your entire process from start to finish, answering every question you have, and providing unparalleled support to you before, during, and after your transaction.

- We take problem-solving and negotiating to the next level and do our best to make sure you come out on top. 

- We don't play the BS game. We are straight shooters and we will always tell you everything exactly how it is. 

- Nobody will listen better than we will. We promise you will always have our fullest attention. 

- Our Commitment to Excellence. We spend hours every week studying current and relevant market data to be sure that we always have the latest and greatest information for people just like you!